Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):

  • 24 pieces per design.
This minimum applies to all our services including screen printing, digital hybrid printing, and embroidery.

Pricing decreases significantly as quantity increases.

Minimum order quantities also apply to print size.

Ex. Customers can not add 1 toddler shirt to an order of adult shirts as the print size must be changed; requiring its own minimum order.

WHY THIS POLICY?… Our operation is primarily set up for larger production. Small run orders are time and labor extensive for our facility. Smaller orders have a higher cost due to the amount of labor and time put into setting up the presses for shorter print runs.


Standard turnaround time is 10 business days from the approval of artwork proof and the receipt of payment. Turnaround time is based on customer needs and current production schedule. This turnaround time is not guaranteed. Finishing services such as inside tag relabeling or fold and poly bagging can add to this turnaround time.

Please make us aware of any specific in-hand due date you may have when placing your order.

Requested deadlines do not make them effective. If a specific due date is required, it must be approved by King Screen at the time of order placement.

WHY THIS POLICY?… Our production schedule can and often fluctuates based on current production needs. King Screen operates on a first come, first serve basis. As with any manufacturing, the sooner an order is put in queue the faster it will see production. While we do everything within our ability to maintain a shorter than average turnaround time, each order can present unforeseen challenges which can cause delay. This window of time for turnaround offers a more realistic time frame for completion of an order.


All orders must be paid in full prior to production.

Accepted payment types are cash, check, and credit or debit card. All major credit cards are accepted. Net 15 and Net 30 terms are only offered to approved schools, organizations, and contract accounts.

WHY THIS POLICY?… Simply put, we are not a bank. We are not able to front the funds required to produce every order and then wait to be paid/reimbursed for our services. All orders are produced to exact specs approved by you, the customer. All of our work is guaranteed and in the rare event that there is an issue with the order we will absolutely make it right to your satisfaction.


Orders can not be canceled after proof approval and payment.

WHY THIS POLICY?… Our production schedule moves very quickly. At times an order may be produced in only a few days. This means that garments and materials may have already been purchased to produce the order. Cancellation of an order after this point would lead to expenses to King Screen. This policy is in place to prevent those expenses.


  • Turnaround in 5 business days: +30%
  • Turnaround in 3 business days: +50%
  • Turnaround in 1 business days*: +100%

*Rush orders are accepted based on shop and garment availability.

Rush order spaces are limited. Rush orders are not always possible and must be approved by King Screen. Rush charges apply to production time only. If an order is being shipped, King Screen is not responsible for delays on the part of the shipping carrier. The amount of time it takes a carrier to deliver the order is not guaranteed by King Screen. We have absolutely no control over delays caused by UPS or other carriers that may be used.

We do not offer same day printing services.

WHY THIS POLICY?… Our production schedule stays at 90%+ capacity year round. This means that Rush Orders often require overtime for our employees. Rush fees are charged to cover our expense of overtime pay to our great team of employees to complete your order. A rush fee is not a “pay to jump the line” fee.


Artwork must be submitted following these guidelines:

Artwork creation is charged at an hourly rate of $40.00/hr. with a one hour minimum. Two free revisions included. This hourly rate also applies to any changes made to artwork that is not submitted within the required guidelines. Artwork review is always free. If a simple fix is needed, it is done free of charge.

Vector redraws are $40.00 per file. Copies of the file are available upon request.

All provided artwork files are kept on file for reorder purposes only. Created and recreated artwork and artwork files remain the property of King Screen. Proofs, films and screens remain the property of King Screen and may be discarded without notice.

Why this policy?  Artwork creation and correction take time. Our talented team is happy to assist you with your order and are compensated at the industry standard rate.


All new artwork and artwork changes are approved via digital proofs sent by email. Approval of artwork proof is required prior to production.  We require all approvals to be signed off in person or digitally via email.

WHY THIS POLICY?… This ensures that your order will be produced exactly as expected and intended. No surprises when you open the box! This protects us both and makes sure that we are all on the same page before a single shirt has been printed.


There are no set up or screen fees.

WHY THIS POLICY?… We utilize a reclaim process that allows us to clean, reclaim, and reuse screens for dozens of orders. Our reclaim process is very efficient and low cost. In addition, we use an automated screen coater that virtually eliminates wasted photo emulsion and unusable screens that have been poorly coated. In addition, we have invested in UV LED exposure technology that allows screens to be exposed in seconds, saving an enormous amount of time in pre-press. These combined savings allows us to not require set up or screen fees.


Ink color changes are $20.00 per color per change. Ink color changes are not offered on orders under 48.

WHY THIS POLICY?… Changing an ink color in a screen requires the ink to be removed and the screen be cleaned by hand. This charge covers the time, labor, and any resetting up that may be required as often times the screen is removed from the press entirely to be cleaned and have the new ink color added.


Orders requiring shipping will be shipped using UPS Ground unless otherwise arranged by the client. Shipping time is additional to turnaround time. Please consider this when placing time sensitive orders. Clients wishing to use their shipping account must make note during order placement.


Due to prohibitive costs, single printed samples are NOT offered.  King Screen utilizes a thorough digital proofing process on all orders.

WHY THIS POLICY?… The pre-press time and labor involved in screen printing makes it cost prohibitive to produce just one or two shirts. Our work speaks for itself and printed samples of previous work can be viewed at our facility. We also have an extensive photo gallery online. Blank apparel samples can be purchased however they can not be returned or applied to an order.


King Screen reserves the right to substitute garments of comparable brand and/or color when client’s request is unavailable.


**Effective 11/01/22:  

• King Screen no longer accepts customer supplied apparel or outside supplied apparel under any circumstances for retail printing orders. 

• Apparel for retail orders must be purchased through King Screen. 

WHY THIS POLICY?… Due to ongoing issues with quality control, we have made the decision to eliminate the variable of garments being sourced outside of our reputable distributor network.


All production is subject to photography and/or video documentation by King Screen for but not limited to advertising and demonstration purposes unless otherwise instructed.


Due to unpredictable and unpreventable circumstances in the production process, mistakes sometimes happen All orders are subject to a 3% spoilage on 100% Cotton and 50/50 apparel, and 5% on 100% Polyester and Tri-blend apparel. While it is rare that misprints will occur, it is common practice in the printing industry to maintain this policy. If an exact number is required, please include extras in your order. In the event a reprint is required within this allowance, reprints will be subject to a press reset fee of $10.00 per print color/screen.


All claims must be made within 72 hours from receipt of order. Please email immediately if there are errors or problems with any order. Exchanges/reprints are only offered on unworn, unwashed orders returned in their entirety. Partial returns will be satisfied by credit. We do not offer refunds.

WHY THIS POLICY?… We have no idea what or who happens to an order after it leaves our facility. We assume all orders are checked for accuracy when they are received. We feel that 72 hours is adequate time to make us aware of any issues with an order.  All orders are produced to exact specs approved/provided by you, the client. All of our work is guaranteed and in the rare event that there is an issue with the order we will absolutely make it right to your satisfaction.


King Screen is not responsible for variances in size/color/construction of garments. Inks and garments can vary in appearance depending on brand and post-production care. Garments with foil, metallic inks or other specialty embellishing should be washed inside out to maximize washability and longevity of the print. King Screen reserves the right to refuse service without explanation. King Screen reserves the right to change pricing and terms without notice. Protection Status

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