We specialize in custom screen printing, and offer a variety of services to handle all of your apparel needs. If your searching for a specific need but don’t see it here, Contact Us with your request and we’ll let you know if we can help.



The most common method in the industry, this technique creates an opaque print that sits on top of the fabric. This is the ideal print for almost every garment type where accurate repeatability over multiple prints is crucial.

CMYK / Process

This technique uses only Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black halftones to create a full-color image. This method is great for photo-like designs and colorful gradients, and works best on white or very light-colored apparel.


The halftone technique converts gradients and shading into small dots of different sizes and spacing. Traditionally used with white or black ink, this method could also be used in multi-tonal designs to reduce the total number of overall colors.


Tonal printing uses water-based ink to achieve a hue slightly lighter or slightly darker than the garment color. This technique creates a subtle, soft print and is ideal for creating a vintage or aged look and feel to the garment.


Chino or soft-hand allows for a high quality sepia-toned or tone-on-tone print with a  “worn and washed” look. This is a great way to achieve a vintage look with a soft-shirt feel. The effect works especially well on dark garments.

Metallic Ink

Metallics are plastisol-based inks that contain metallic particulate that give a shimmer and sparkle to a print. Typically seen in gold and silver, we carry multiple metallic colors. This ink works best on large, thick artwork with no details.

Fluorescent Ink

Also called neon inks, these are brightly colored plastisol-based inks that add an intensity and vividness to a design. Although the colors are limited to red, pink, purple, green, and blue, these are a great choice for a throwback or impactful design.

Inside Tag Prints

Printed underneath where the manufacturer’s tag would sit, this print includes a brand logo listed with all the relevent garment information. Inside tags are a great way to add value to each shirt, and a great way to establish your brand.


Online Stores

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Online Stores


Embroidery uses thread and needle to stitch a design within or to be applied on top of fabric. This technique creates a unique depth and dimension to a design. Embroidery is best for thick, heavy-lined artwork.

Fold & Poly Bag

This service includes the folding, sealing, and size-marking of individual pieces. Individually polybagging shirts are a great way to create a more professional impression, and gives a level of protection to shirts.

Hang Tags

A wholly customizable way to brand your apparel, garment hang tags catch the attention of shoppers and leave a memorable impression on customers. Although we don’t print hang tags, we will attach them for you.


Tees & Tanks

Choose from a range of everyday tees and favorite fits.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves available in different weights for fall, winter, and spring.

Hoodies & Zip-Ups

We got you covered through the colder weather too.


When you’re looking for something a bit more professional.


Caps are the perfect accessory for businesses and brands.


Keep warm and look good with these high-end beanies.

HiVis Safety Vests

Hi-visibility protection to make sure workers are safe and seen.

Onesies / Toddler

We offer apparel sized for the little ones too.

Tote Bags

An everyday way to show off your logo, brand, or personalized art.


Customize restaurant or art studio attire.


Memorialize a wedding, group event, or giveaway.

Handerchiefs / bandanas

Show off your brand or promote your event.

These cover most, but not all of our product print abilities. If you have a specific need in mind, please don’t hesitate to ask if we can help!