Get an online store set up for your business, school, event, or organization today!

We’d be happy to help you with setting up an online Store.
But first, a store is different than a standard order, and there are a few things you should know as we get started.

Our most popular store is a Pre-Order / Fundraiser Store. These stores are set up to collect orders for a pre-determined time frame, and printing is done in one total quantity within our usual turnaround time frame after the store is closed. After the order is completed, the client receives a sales report and a check for the funds received above the cost of printing.

Our other store option is a Live / Print On Demand Store. With this print-on-demand setup, we produce orders as they come through. We print and ship to your customer within our standard turnaround time. The client receives a monthly sales report and commission check.

A few more things about our stores:

Pre-Order / Fundraising Stores are subject to our minimum order policy (24 pieces per design).

Live / Print On Demand Stores have no minimum order requirement.

For both fundraiser and live stores, we price apparel + print based on the print cost for our lowest pricing bracket. You can choose the prices for your store, but we provide and set a minimal estimate to at least cover our cost of ordering the garment(s) and producing the order.

Occasionally with our fundraiser stores, not enough orders are received to cover the minimum order. We have 2 options with these situations:

  • The store selling time frame can be extended.
  • Client (you) can pay the difference, and everything gets processed as normal within its original time frame.

We don’t advertise or promote your store. We set up the store and give a store link (or we can use your custom URL), it is up to the client to get the word out.

We need some basic info to get started. Please fill out the form through the link below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to get your store live.

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